Fleeing from Turkmenistein on an Escape Goat

I fear that my lunch-mates and I were misunderstood when our typically wayward conversation veered into the topic of whether the country in question was pronounced “Turkmenistein” or “Turkmenisteen.” Those of Jewish heritage preferred “stein” while Bruce fans preferred “steen” of course.  Regardless, we faced some disapprobation in the room.
As we took a stroll outside afterwards, MB from eastern Europe commented “Well, you know everybody needs an escape goat.” AC, from even further east, commented, “I thought it was a scrape goat.” I had hopes MB and AC had coined new variations on “scapegoat” but it was not the case. In fact, there’s a game called Escape Goat out there, and the urban dictionary says ‘scrape goat” is a goat that eats toilet paper.
MB admits that he sometimes “breaks the English.”
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